Name: Dental Bite - Transparent

Brand: DrBite

Description: DOCTOR BITE is a bite, specifically studied to be easily shaped and adapted to every dental arch. Doctor bite protects your teeth from bruxism damages, the chronic teeth grinding that occurs during sleep.

How to use: follow the instructions contained herein to obtain a correct customisation of the bite.
The bite must adapt to your upper dental arch. We recommend you to read attentively the instruction before starting the procedure. Try to insert the bite in your mouth in order to familiarise with the subsequent phases.
1) Fill a small pan with water. Make sure the water is enough to completely cover the bite.
2) When water starts to boil remove immediately the pot from the fire and wait for 1 minute
3) Immerse the bite in water for 20 seconds (25 maximum)
4) Take out the bite from water and shake it gently to remove the remaining water
5) Insert the bite in your mouth immediately and close the teeth, not too tightly. Close your lips and suck the air to facilitate its fitting to the dental arch. You could help the fitting procedure by massaging your cheeks with your fingers.
6) Continue for about one minute, then extract the bite and put it under cold running water. Try on the bite to verify its fitting. If the bite shape is not correct, you could re-start from stage 1, taking the greatest care.
At the end of the fitting procedure it is possible to remove the burrs and to shorten the Bite (if it is too long) with a nail scissor. Clean the bite with a little brush under cold running water after every use and before storing in its container. Do not use warm water and do not store the bite near a source of heat.


More information
Warnings: in case of removable dentures or orthodontic devices use and in presence of joint, dental or gingival dysfunctions, see a specialist before using Doctor Bite. Suitable for men, women and children from 12 years of age.