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Arnica products

Our line of arnica-based gels, creams and braces to apply to muscles, tendons and joints. Read More
Arnica Products
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The properties of arnica contained in products for your well-being

Welcome to Dulàc Farmaceutici's arnica products section! Recognising the benefits and properties of arnica, we have developed a range of products rich in extracts of this extraordinary plant. Among the best-selling products are Arnica gel, Arnica cream and the back bandage, but there are plenty of other items available. The cosmetics (creams, gels, sprays and oils) are all dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, with a high concentration of active ingredients and 92% to 100% natural.

The muscle and tendon wraps contain arnica and other natural ingredients in the form of microcapsules, which open on contact with the skin and constantly release the active ingredients. Choose the most suitable for your needs and use them for muscle, joint and tendon tension!