Name: Cavixin

Brand: Fixaplus

Description: CAVIXIN is a product specifically studied to solve the problems related to broken dental filling before the dentistÕs intervention. Inside the package you will find a tube of CAVIT, a substance used by the dentists throughout the world for temporary dental filling.
This treatment is an emergency solution; for this reason we recommend to see your dentist as soon as possible.
The cement begins to work after coming in contact with saliva and completely harden in 15/20 minutes.
Medical device CE0373

How to use: see the illustrating leaflet


More information
Warnings: - Keep FIXAplus Kit Cavixin out of the reach of children
- store in a cold, dry and well-ventilated place, protected from heat.
- The components are often used in Dentistry and Orthodontics
Note: follow the instruction attentively in order to get the best result. The customer is responsible for applying the product with the appropriate care.

Ingredients: 1 tube (7 g) of Cavit W
1 key
1 spatula
3 toothbrushes
1 glove
1 instruction leaflet

Contains a medical device CE 0123