Made in Italy

Our History

Dulac Farmaceutici 1982 has dealt with development and marketing of innovative products for three generations. We guarantee the best reliability and competence by taking advantage of the best chemical laboratories and more than forty years of experience in this sector.

Our factory avails of a well prepared and young team marketing that confers to our products an efficient positioning, a typical leader-factory attention to details, together with client-oriented dynamism and flexibility, in order to provide the best possible service.

Italian Quality

In order to constantly ensure the supply of effective, safe and innovative products, Dulac Farmaceutici 1982 has developed a detailed Integrated Quality management system. Our procedures, operative instructions and set of forms take account of all the Quality insurance, Production, Quality Control, Logistics, Commercial ad Purchase areas.

The application and effectiveness of our system are periodically monitored with internal audit, meeting with the suppliers and close relations with the distribution network, in order to control and improve the products, in all of their particulars.

All our products fulfil the best European quality standards and are
100% made in Italy