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Night mouth guard for bruxism

Do you often grind your teeth during the night and are looking for remedies to protect your teeth?

Doctor Bite Pro, by Dulàc Farmaceutici, is designed to help all people suffering from bruxism, the involuntary grinding of teeth.

It is a self-modeling and ergonomic bruxism guard: after soaking it in warm water according to instructions, it adapts to the upper dental arch and takes its shape.

Once worn, it acts as a barrier, helping you to limit both tooth rubbing and the consequences of bruxism, such as headaches, sleep disturbances and dental malocclusion.

When you remove it, you can wash it and conveniently store it in the box included in the package.

Made of thermoplastic, soft and biocompatible materials, latex-free and registered as a Medical Device, it will become your bruxism splint of choice!

bruxismo bite automodellante

Self-modeling bruxism guard

Doctor Bite is made of a special thermoplastic material that softens with heat and becomes rigid again when cold. It can also be reduced with small scissors.

Thanks to this feature, it adapts well to all types of dental arch, large and small.

bite per bruxismo bambini e adulti

For adults and children

Not only adults, but often children and adolescents also suffer from bruxism.

That is why we have developed a bite that is suitable for both adults and children from 12 years of age, helping them to protect their teeth during sleep.

apparecchio bruxismo con materiali resistenti

Durable materials of the highest quality

The thermoplastics of Doctor Bite Pro are biocompatible (non-toxic to the body) and very durable.

The average service life of the device, used daily, is two years.

Doctor Bite Pro is suitable for adults and children from 12 years of age; in particular, it is intended for people who suffer from bruxism and need a night-time appliance to prevent teeth grinding.
  • Self-modeling dental guard for bruxism
  • Box for storage

Carefully follow the procedures in the instruction sheet to achieve an optimal result.

The mouth guard should be placed on the teeth of the upper dental arch.

After reading the instructions, and before modeling the device, we recommend that you insert it into your mouth so that you can start to get familiar with the next steps.

At the end of the customization procedures you can remove any imperfections or excess parts with a small scissors.

Before storing the guard in the splint container, we recommend cleaning it with a toothbrush under cold water.

Never use hot water for cleaning and avoid storing it near heat sources.

If removable dentures or orthodontic appliances are used and if there is joint, dental or gum dysfunction, always consult a specialist before using Doctor Bite PRO.

Medical device suitable for men, women and children over 12 years of age.


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bite per bruxismo doctor bite pro

Doctor Bite Pro - Bruxism Mouth Guard

Self-modeling medical device
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