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Bunion big toe separator made of silicone

If you suffer from bursitis in the big toe (hallux valgus), you will definitely need protection that prevents the toe from rubbing against the shoe, such as our Hallux Valgus Corrector.

Available in a 6-pack and made of platinum silicone, it helps you relieve discomfort caused by rubbing and pressure on the foot and separates the big toe from the other toes.

Ergonomic, hypoallergenic and super durable, you can use it day and night to make your life more comfortable!

The hallux valgus device is indicated for those who suffer from hallux bursitis and want a device that separates the first toe from the other toes and protects it from rubbing against the shoe.

Hypoallergenic platinum silicone hallux valgus device (x 6 pieces)

  • Made in Italy
  • Suitable for sports activities
  • Latex-free

Introduce the big toe into the space provided, placing the protective sheath over the protruding part of the toe, outward, and the separator between the big toe and the second toe. When wearing perform a few steps to allow for adherence and effective positioning of the device.

You can use the hallux valgus protector both during the day and at night, but ideal use is with footwear.


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Hallux Valgus Bunion Corrector x6

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