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Suitable for sports activities


Two menstrual cups + Sanitising spray

Would you like to use the menstrual cup but don't know which size to choose?

Here is the kit designed just for you: Eva cup in size S, Eva cup in size L and the sanitising spray to clean your hands thoroughly when you empty the cup outside the home.

Feel free at last: Eva will be your greatest ally even on days of heavy flow!

The menstrual cup set is suitable for women and girls (from their first menstruation) who want an environmentally friendly, economical and safe alternative to external or internal tampons.

In particular, the set is designed for those who are choosing Eva for the first time but do not know which size is best suited to their menstrual flow and body shape.

  • 2 soft pink medical silicone hygienic cups (S+L)


  • 1 breathable cotton bag


  • 1 hygienic spray


  • 1 multilingual leaflet

  • Made in Italy
  • Suitable for sports activities
  • Latex-free

Any yellowing of the silicone does not affect the correct functioning or sterility of the cup. Replace the device in case of damage.

You can use the cup while waiting for your period and during all phases of your cycle, at night and while doing sport, respecting the recommended limit of use (12h) and your personal menstrual flow.

In case of gynecological problems, consult a doctor before use. For your own peace of mind, perhaps during the first few uses, you can use Eva in combination with a panty shield.

You can use the cup with an IUD, with a diaphragm, but not with a vaginal ring. Remove the cup before sexual intercourse. The cup is not a contraceptive and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

We advise against using the menstrual cup during the 6 months following a natural childbirth, an abortion, vaginal surgery, during vaginal infections, after a colposcopy.

Eva is 100% Made in Italy, made from totally hypoallergenic and FDA-certified medical platinum silicone.

Its super-soft silicone has been developed to make insertion and extraction as easy as possible, but above all to make it comfortable in any situation.


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kit coppetta mestruale

Eva Pink Menstrual Cup Kit

S + L Size & Sanitizing Spray
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