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Dulàc Pharma
Dulàc Pharma

Pharmaceutical solutions to multiple problems

Rich in officinal cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices, the Dulàc Pharma Line takes you step by step towards your health!

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  1. fascia lombare per mal di schiena
    Elastic Back Support Belt
    Massaging and Soothing
    - 10%
    €39.90 €35.91
  2. melatonina compresse integratore
    - 0%
    €9.90 €9.90
  3. coppetta mestruale
    Eva Menstrual Cup
    Soft Silicone
    - 10%
    €13.90 €12.51
  4. fascia che protegge le caviglie
    Active Ankle Brace
    Soothing, Retentive, Supportive
  5. fascia per il gomito gomitiera attiva
    Elastic Elbow Sleeve
    Elastic, Soothing, Thermoregulatory