The Oral Hygiene Kit is a complete solution for oral wellness and care. This kit contains three products specifically designed to address common problems such as bruxism (teeth grinding), inflamed gums, and temporary fixation of dental bridges.

Kit contents:

  • Doctor Bite Pro - Self-modeling bruxism bite: specially designed to reduce tooth wear from nighttime grinding, helps prevent tooth damage and tension in the jaw.

  • Fixaplus FixoBridge: excellent solution for temporary fixation of dental bridges, capsules, crowns and temporary teeth. CE medical device, contains temporary dental cement and the tools to apply it.

  • Flogogel - Gingival Gel for Inflamed Gums: anti-inflammatory cream-gel rich in soothing and natural ingredients. Helps with reddened and inflamed gums, mouth sores, cold sores, stomatitis and in the healing stages from dental surgery or extractions.

Great for those who want a healthy mouth and a radiant smile, this set offers everything you need to take care of your teeth and gums.

Plus, with the purchase of the kit you get free shipping and a free product of your choice of snail slime serum and cream worth €19.90!

Before payment, enter the coupon SERUM to get the pure snail slime serum or CREAM to get the h24 moisturizing cream with 60% snail slime. Click here to learn more.

Doctor Bite Pro: is suitable for adults and children from 12 years of age; in particular, it is intended for people who suffer from bruxism and need a nighttime appliance to keep their teeth from grinding.

Flogogel: a medical device indicated for adults and children, including infants (taking care that they do not ingest the product). It is an ointment for inflamed gums, mouth ulcers, cold sores, gum retraction, gingivitis, stomatitis, gum bags and other inflammatory conditions, also useful in cases of trauma such as ultrasonic cleaning, dental extractions and abrasions.

FixaPlus FixoBridge: it is suitable for all people who need to bond a dental prosthesis (bridges, crowns, posts) while waiting for the dentist's intervention. It is an emergency product to keep at home at all times to solve the unexpected.


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Oral Hygiene Kit

3 products for oral wellness
Free shipping from 49.90€