The Microcirculation Wellness Kit is a comprehensive treatment specifically for those suffering from poor microcirculation. This problem brings with it ailments such as swollen legs, ankles and feet, varicose veins, fragile capillaries and frequent inflammation of the hemorrhoidal plexus.

Each product in the kit is rich in diosmin, a natural compound with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and protective action on the microcirculation.

Kit contents:

  • Diosmin Expert Omniven 500 80 tablets: is a dietary supplement containing micronized diosmin 450mg and hesperidin 50mg, which have a beneficial action on microcirculation function (the circulation in small blood vessels), venous tone and lymphatic drainage.
  • Diosmin Expert Omniven Legs 150ml: cold-effect leg cream designed to relieve fatigue and the feeling of heaviness in the legs, ankles and feet.

  • Diosmin Expert Procto Complex 40g: cream to relieve hemorrhoidal disorders with a natural, cortisone-free formulation rich in soothing ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera and diosmin.

The Microcirculation Kit combines functional products that act from within and without, i.e., supplement and creams-it is the ideal choice if you want a targeted approach to your problem.

Plus, with the purchase of the kit you get free shipping and a free product of your choice of snail slime serum and cream worth €19.90!

Before payment, enter the coupon SERUM to get the pure snail slime serum or CREAM to get the h24 moisturizing cream with 60% snail slime. Click here to learn more.


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Microcirculation Kit

3 products for microcirculation, swollen legs and hemorrhoids
Free shipping from 49.90€