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Soft menstrual cup

Would you like to say no more to tampons and sanitary napkins and the irritation caused by their use? Would you like to help the environment and, at the same time, save money thanks to a reusable device?

Let me introduce myself: I am Eva, the Dulàc Farmaceutici menstrual cup, and I am here to help you! Once you try it, your life will change and your period will no longer be a nightmare.

Soft and capacious, I'm perfect even if you have a very heavy flow and, unlike tampons and pads, so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing me (even during sport).

I'm made of hypoallergenic medical silicone, which doesn't cause dryness or irritation, and I'm coloured so I won't yellow over time.

You can wear me for up to 12 consecutive hours, depending on your needs and flow, and reuse me for years and years.

With my company, your body, the environment and your wallet will thank you!

coppetta mestruale per sentirti libera

To finally feel free

I adapt to your vaginal walls and make you literally forget that you are menstruating, giving you lightness and comfort.

Soft, hypoallergenic and capacious (yes, even in the smallest size!), you can use me during all your daily activities without fear of getting dirty.

donna senza irritazioni da assorbente

No more irritation and discomfort

As you are well aware, panty liners and tampons (both internal and external) promote irritation because they encourage sweating and keep our bodies in contact with blood.

I, on the other hand, avoid blood contact with the vaginal walls, reducing the proliferation of germs and bacteria, and do not alter the pH of the vagina, respecting the balance of the bacterial flora.

donna con coppetta mestruale durante sport in spiaggia

Comfortable during any activity

With me you can really do anything: play sports (even water sports), travel, sleep, go to the beach and to the pool... Don't put limits on yourself! You can use me from 8 to 12 consecutive hours, so you will rarely need to empty me when you are away from home.

And, even if it happens, no problem: you can empty me in the toilet, insert me back into your vagina and wash your hands thoroughly.

I am suitable for women and girls (from their first menstruation) who want an environmentally friendly, cheap and safe alternative to external or internal sanitary pads.

You can use me with an IUD, with a diaphragm but not with a vaginal ring, and you must take me out before sexual intercourse.

My use is not recommended during the 6 months following a natural childbirth, an abortion, vaginal surgery, during vaginal infections and after a colposcopy.

  • 1 hygienic menstrual cup
  • Breathable natural cotton bag
  • Instructions for use

Available in 2 sizes, S and L, with the following measurements:

  • Small: 4 cm diameter, 5 cm height + 1.5 cm stem
  • Large: 4.5 cm diameter, 5 cm height + 1.5 cm stem

Indicatively, the Small is recommended for women up to the age of 35 and/or who have not yet given birth, the Large for those who have already had a child, especially if by natural childbirth, and for women over 35.

Usually, both S and L are also suitable for heavy flows: the larger or smaller diameter of the cup is for more efficient adaptation to the vaginal walls.

Before insertion, a cup must be folded; once inserted correctly, if it is the right size, it will open in a few moments and create the famous vacuum. You can also grasp it by the stem and rotate it to facilitate opening.

If a cup is too big, it will not open completely, and if it is too small, it will not fit perfectly into the vagina.

Before removing the cup, the vacuum should be removed by grasping the bottom of the device with two fingers and squeezing it gently.

We know that every woman has different needs, so try the size that best suits your profile. If it is not the optimum size you will have 30 days from the date of purchase to change it at no extra cost.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Eva kit which includes one cup size S, one cup size L and a spray for hygiene of the device and hands outside the home.

  • Made in Italy
  • Suitable for sports activities
  • Latex-free
See package insert. REMEMBER: It is not necessary to sterilize the cup after each use or before insertion as the vagina is not a sterile environment.

In case of gynecological problems, consult a doctor before use. For your own peace of mind, perhaps during the first few uses, you can use the cup in combination with a panty liner until you have fully understood how to position it. You can use the cup with an IUD, with a diaphragm but not with a vaginal ring. Remove the device before sexual intercourse. The menstrual cup is not a contraceptive and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Its use is not recommended during the 6 months following a natural childbirth, an abortion, vaginal surgery, during vaginal infections, after a colposcopy.

Eva is 100% Made in Italy, made from totally hypoallergenic and FDA-certified medical platinum silicone.

Its super-soft silicone has been developed to make insertion and extraction as easy as possible, but above all to make it comfortable in any situation.


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coppetta mestruale

Eva Menstrual Cup Size S

Soft Silicone
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