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Antioxidant Supplements

Our selection of antioxidant supplements, against free radicals and for the benefit of skin, microcirculation, immune defenses, cognitive functions and much more! Read More
Antioxidants and Anti-aging
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Antioxidants and Anti-aging supplements

Welcome to the Antioxidant Supplements section of Dulàc Farmaceutici! Problematic skin, weak immune defenses, tired joints, loss of memory and attention are just some of the symptoms of oxidative stress, the cell damage caused by the excess of free radicals in the body. Fortunately, counteracting cell aging and degeneration is not a mission impossible. When nutrition is not enough, you can use antioxidant supplements, rich in active ingredients that fight free radicals, delaying or interrupting the oxidation process.

Among the best we find the Vitamin C supplement, the Quercetin supplement, Biotin, Spirulina and many others, all present in our catalog. Their action against cell degeneration affects the whole body. Antioxidants are good for the eyes, strengthen hair and scalp, slow down the aging of the skin, brain and all tissues, promote the normal function of the immune system, support microcirculation. What are you waiting for? Choose the right supplement for your needs!