Bone, Joint and Muscle Health Supplements

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Bone and muscle

Muscle, bone and joint health supplements

Welcome to the our Bone and Muscle Supplements section! If your goal is to keep bones healthy, strengthen bones, joints and teeth and increase muscle mass, then you've come to the right place: we have two essential supplements for your goals, namely Vitamin D and Spirulina. Vitamin D supplements are very important in case of deficiencies, since this particular nutrient is involved in the processes of calcification and proper bone formation, also being useful for the teeth. It also contributes to normal immune and neuromuscular functions. A vitamin deficiency, on the other hand, leads to bone fragility, physical weakness, predisposition to illness, chronic fatigue and many other symptoms.

Spirulina Algae in tablets, on the other hand, is a superfood rich in nutrients that contribute to multiple functions of our body. Among these we find calcium (spirulina contains about three times as much as cow's milk), an essential mineral for the health of bones and teeth, and proteins (present at about 60% in superfoods), ideal for muscle growth. Menopause, poor sun exposure, nutritional deficiencies and an unhealthy lifestyle can weaken the musculoskeletal system. After carrying out appropriate analyzes, you can evaluate which supplement is the most suitable for your needs!