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Supplements for Brain Health

Our line of supplements for the brain, central nervous system and cognitive and psychological functions, rich in highly concentrated and bioavailable vitamins. Read More
Nervous System
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Brain supplements for cognitive functions, nervous system

Welcome to the Dulàc Brain Health Supplement section! Here you will find the vitamins you need to take care of your mind, supplements that work as "tonic" in case of decreased brain function, severe stress, nervousness and mental fatigue. Vitamin B12 in tablets contributes to the health and metabolism of the central nervous system. The Vitamin B complex helps to improve the transmission of

the nerve impulse and, therefore, the cognitive functions. Vitamin D3 performs a protective function and pure Vitamin C promotes the formation of myelin in neurons. All of these food supplements have very different roles, but they all contribute to the health of the brain and psychological functions. What are you waiting for? Choose the right one for your needs!