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Microcirculation Supplements

Our line of micro-circulation supplements: bioavailable and with a high concentration of flavonoids, ready for your well-being! Read More

Food supplements for Microcirculation

Welcome to the Dulàc microcirculation supplements page! Swollen, heavy legs, cellulite, haemorrhoids and vascular tinnitus are just some of the manifestations of poor micro-circulation. To help you better combat these problems, we have developed a whole line of dedicated supplements: Omniven 500, Dinaven and Diosminven, rich in Diosmin + Hesperidin, perfect for haemorrhoids

and leg well-being, and Ginkgo Biloba, especially dedicated to cerebral and ear microcirculation. With a very high concentration of flavonoids - natural substances with antioxidant action, ideal against microcirculation dysfunctions - and high bioavailability, our tablets are ready to provide you with full support!